Setelah lama Agustya-blog nggk posting tentang Lebot nih,.. akhirnya ane posting lagi hehe

AQW Le Bot version : 6.1 Update

I can confirm this is 100% safe, HOWEVER use at your own risk!

Untuk Petunjuk penggunaan silahkan klik :
F1 - Opens the bank;
F2 - Options;
F3 - Bot Manager;
F4 - Lists;
F5 - Packet Spammer;
F6 - Auto Relogin;
F7 - Use boosts menu.

Screenshot for trainers :

Le Bot 6.1 [Update] :

Version 6.1 11/02/2012:
  • Added a Embled of Longevity bot;
  • Added a Emblem of Good Lck bot;
  • Aded a Bamboozle vs Dudgen bot;
  • Added a new Tainted Gems bot;
  • Added a new Spirit Orbs bot;
  • Added a 'Pay Homage to Caladbolg' quest;
  • Added a 'Number of results found' on the Lists search;
  • Fixed the 'Reject all Drops' option;
  • Fixed 'Rest if HP is Below' option.

Download Le Bot 6.1

Special Thanks to :JamesR's

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